Schützenscheibe Hotel Burgmeier Dachau

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a tradition of more that 150 years

In 1861 Katharina Bayer inherited from her father the former hunting lodge of the royal Wittelsbach family. The so called „Näßl House“ was named after a former hunting ground supervisor. Together with her husband Florian Burgmeier, Katharina founded the Hotel Burgmeier Dachau at its idyllic location. Until today the hotel is family-owned and run.

The Näßl House


Since the end of the 19th century famous artists such as Karl Spitzweg, Christian Morgenstern, Wilhelm Velten, Johann Georg von Dillis and Karl Stuhlmüller, as well as Max Liebermann and Lovis Corinth lived and worked at Hotel Burgmeier.


The house appears several times in works of famous artists. Today's owner knows a story or two about the live of the artists' colony of Dachau.

Hotel Burgmeier

Today Irene and Robert Burgmeier continue the 150 year old tradition of conviviality. The next generation, son Anton Burgmeier, is already waiting in its wings.